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Fresh delicious fruit on a platter great for lunches meetings or just a little splurge!

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It can be stressful being in charge of catering for the next office meeting, staff party or gathering. Let us take all the hassle out of trying to source the perfect food items.

Our premium fruit platters provide a healthy and appropriate alternative that everyone can enjoy. Simply select according to your budget and tastes.

No need to worry about allergies, dietary restrictions, gluten free or expanding waistlines! Everyone can enjoy our guilt free premium fruit platters.

We will personally hand select and visually inspect each premium fruit platters. Ensuring that not only will the platter be visually stunning, but that everyone will leave with a pleasant taste in their mouth.

Whether it’s a weekly meeting, an important presentation, or the celebration of a birthday or retirement of a valued member of the team. – show them your appreciation by caring for their health and well-being – as well as your hip pocket!

Cold cuts are yesterday’s news, Today people expect healthy alternatives. Like our premium fruit platters.