Happy Purim Holiday! Chag Purim Sameach !

Why are we encouraged to give fruit hampers as gifts during this time of year?

On this festive occasion Jewish people are encouraged to observe the days of “feasting and gladness, and sending portions of food to one another”

This refers to the mitzvah (good deed) of mishloach manot – literally meaning the “sending of portions”.

A Purim basket or hamper consisting of at least two different types of ready to eat food and /or drinks.

Although mishloach manot can be delivered personally it is customary to deliver the food packages through a third party.

While the halacha (law) only obliges for the giving of two food gifts to one friend those that are able to give Purim baskets to  more than one person are encouraged to do so and are called praiseworthy.

In today’s modern world there are many foodstuffs that can fulfil this requirement to remind people of their culture, history and heritage.

Fresh fruit and wine as well as pastries, were used in the very first Purim festival meal and have remained the popular choice for gift hampers to this day.

Fruit are ready to eat requiring no preparation and are the healthy option, encouraging health and long life to friends that receive them.

Fruit are an affordable choice with options to suit any budget, whether a humble man, a successful merchant, or indeed a queen like Esther herself!

What better way to do so than by using the very same foodstuffs that were used in the first Purim, and indeed every Purim since?

This giving of gifts is not limited to Jewish people alone. We here at The Fruit Man encourage a world of inclusiveness. Many of our customers have also become our friends. Perhaps you have clients that you wish to show your appreciation? Sending a royal gift hamper will increase and promote your feelings of goodwill, peace and happiness.

It’s a beautiful way to introduce others to the beauty of our culture Fresh fruit hampers will be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of age or background.

Wine has always held a special place in Jewish culture. The custom stems from a statement in the Talmud that says “one should drink on Purim until he can no longer distinguish between the cursed villain and the blessed hero” of the story. Give a royal gift hamper to enjoy during the Seudah (Purim feast)

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The freshest fruit and luscious Medjool dates

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